Sunday, August 20, 2017

Coaching Baseball Every Night

Well, that's not necessarily true. First off, I'm coaching middle school girls softball right now, not baseball. Secondly, I'm not coaching at night because we don't have access to the lights. Lastly, I get Sundays off.  I guess this should have been titled, "Coaching Softball 6 Days a Week." 
Me with my 6th grade team and two HS helpers after a recent game.

But, then where would the connection to Peter come into play?  Peter's is the author of the Baseball Every Night blog and he sent me a Quick & Easy PWE this week.

I haven't seen this stamp before, but it is definitely right up my alley!

Boom!  I've been Schwarbombed!
 This is the second year in a row I've failed to build a set . . . and I call myself a set builder. SMH. The Topps Bunt sets are nice and at my price level. I don't do digital cards, but I penciling in Bunt as a collecting goal for 2018.
 Cheers to you, too, Peter!  Thanks for the quick trade and Happy Collecting!

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  1. I may not own any but I do like the simple Bunt designs.