Sunday, November 20, 2016

Making Some Completely Arbitrary Decisions

I stopped by my parents' place this afternoon and my mom asked me, "So now what?"
She's right. Completely spot on. That's the feeling I've been dealing with since the Cubs World Series victory finally registered internally. I've been cheering for this team for as long as I can remember, they finally reach the top of the mountain, and . . . now what?
I've made some complete arbitrary decisions on what to do now.  I've started exercising more, which I suppose is a nice outlet.

On days I don't meet up with my new workout partner I've been trying to go on walks, because my knee doesn't like to run on pavement anymore. I was introduced to the Effectively Wild podcast and walk the neighborhood until I complete the latest episode. I enjoy some educated baseball talk. 

I fired up my OOTP game again and I'm currently in the middle of creating a fictional world. I used to take the GM position for the Cubs and play until I won the World Series. That idea seems a little fruitless now. I'm going to manage the Rockhampton Pikelets! I just created the team's logo and it's a short stack of pancakes. Should be a fun time!

I still find I have a little free time to mess around with now that I'm not reading every article on the interwebs about the Cubs.

And please don't judge me, but I began watching episodes of the A-Team on Netflix in the evenings instead of reading about prospects. It's a predictable, but fun show that guarantees at least one chase scene and one explosion per episode. What's not to like?
 Know what I still like even though the Cubs accomplished their goal?

Yeah, Cubs on cardboard. I'm fairly predictable, I know.
This package is from Brian, of Highly Subjective and Completely Arbitrary, and it's got a great assortment: a first pitch card, Schwarber and Russell rookies, Shiny Slammin' Sammy, a parallel of Rizzo, Sandbergs for my PC, Cubs in other uniforms, and a freakin' ROCK SHOULDERS autograph.
 Oh, but there's more!  Nelson Perez was a fun guy to cheer for when he played in P-Town. And the Mark Grace card, above, is from a late 80s Peoria Chiefs minor league set. I actually have that card autographed, but now I have one to go back in the the binder!
Billy? Yeah, he's here too! . . . One green cracked ice parallel and Wrigley Field insert sporting a picture I haven't seen used before.
 Speaking of the Wrigley Field 100 Years insert set, I'm slowly getting closer to completion! Only sixteen more to go!

So yeah, this winter is going to be long and undoubtedly bone-chillin, but it'll be nice to redirect some of my time to new endeavors and hopefully hang out with my friends and family a little bit more as well. Friends and family are kind of like vintage Cubs cardboard . . .
1950 Bowman card of Johnny Schmitz

Both have been around a while and both are certain to make you smile.

Brian, thanks for a super package! 👍
(Edit: Brian included two card to fill holes in my Cubs FrankenSet!  You da man!)


  1. Great batch of cards there! My favorite is probably the Grace minor league oddball.

  2. I love the artwork on those old Bowmans. The Wrigley ones look like a Spring morning.

  3. Hang on. Rock Shoulders? That's just about the fakest name I've ever heard, but also the toughest. Congrats on the Cubs winning. Fantastic. If you want to walk any extra miles give Wax Ecstatic a shot if you haven't already...