Wednesday, September 3, 2014

I Missed My Chance to RSVP

Shoot, I apparently missed my chance to attend Gavin's big shindig. Bummer!  For those of you not in the loop, Gavin is the author of the uber-creative Baseball Card Breakdown.  He is a PhotoShop wunderkind, can make cardboard dance, invented the refraction-action, and he doesn't mind having his cards play second fiddle to the toys of my childhood

He's apparently eco-conscious as he's re-purposing leftover wedding invites!
 I sent Gavin a handful of Marquis Grissom 1990 Upper Deck rookie cards for his little project and he was kind enough to return the favor!
Don't get me wrong, the other Cubs cards in the envelope are greatly appreciated, but the blue paper 2014 Bowman card of Pierce Johnson is the bee's knees.  I love the mild case of pitcher's face and the circle change grip on the baseball.  Is it too much to ask for all of the Cubs' prospects to pan out?  Oh, it is?    Too bad, I'm going to ask anyway.

Thanks for a great trade, Gavin.  And congrats on tying the knot!


  1. Thanks, Tom. Glad ya like. Yeah, those leftover invites work pretty nicely for PWEs.

  2. I'm seconding your request that all these prospects pan out - especially guys like Pierce. The offense looks like it's going to be stacked; they need some arms to pan out too!

    Plus, blue parallels of Cubs cards are the best parallels. Just sayin'.

    1. Thanks for backing my request and I totally agree about the blue parallels. My favorite from the past couple of years have been the blue sparkle Opening Day parallels. They look so sharp!