Saturday, April 5, 2014

Latest JBF Bomb - Part I

This post is a little overdue as the below package arrived in my mailbox three days before I was scheduled to fly to spring training in Arizona last month.

I know. I've been a bad blogger.  It's never too late to post about baseball cards though, right?

Yep.  Wes, the notorious JBF, is at it again!  Seriously?  It's like the man has a never-ending supply of Cubs cards?  Where does he find them all?

Let's dive in, shall we?
I've heard of "Bipping" someone and I think I just got Dascenzo'd.  Believe it our not, but Doug Dascenzo is in one of my binders AND I didn't have has Upper Deck rookie.  JBF is so clutch.

I couldn't wait to get my hands on the '89 Topps Traded baseball card set when I was in middle school.

The above three were the main reason why.  1989 was the year I truly became a Cubs fan.  Good times.

Since then we've made the playoffs a few times, but largely there hasn't been much to cheer about.  So, I've always really enjoyed cheering for the next "can't miss" prospects.  Here's four good ones:
 More or less, the all missed.  Prior did well for a couple of years, but he could never stay healthy.

Here's a couple of minor league cards of guys who did make it to The Show and have stuck.

Yep, Josh Donaldson was drafted by the Cubs.

Wes, also included some of my favorites, like Kerry Wood.

Derrek Lee, Mark Grace, Ted Lilly, and The Hawk.  The Gold Label card is the bee's knees.

Greg Maddux, but before he went all Cy Young crazy.

Inserts!  And more Amazing Grace!

 Ryno!  The 1994 O-Pee-Chee on the bottom left is my 699th different Ryne Sandberg Card.

Oh!  Hall-of-Famer inserts!  Nice!

 Wait, these guys aren't favorites.  The Jason Marquis card barely qualifies as a Cubs card.  Kyle McMillen?  Chicago?  He's a minor league pitcher who has a career ERA of 10.38 for the WHITE SOX.  C'est la vie.

Back to legitimate Cubs.  Cubs blessed with copious amounts of facial fair:

Cubs in catcher's gear:

Glorious vintage Cubs!

A couple of Cubs cards for the Wrigley Field and Logos binder:

And lastly, my favorite card from the first part of the package.  A pink 2014 Rizzo!

Part II?  Tomorrow.  I can't wait to crack into the "Bear".  Thanks, Wes!


  1. He's the man. Where do all these cards come from? I have two massive boxes of cards from him I have yet to post. So daunting...

  2. I think Wes has a printing press in his basement.

  3. Wes is the man. Sweet Rizzo!

  4. I think that "pink" Rizzo is really just a faded red target parallel. Better send it my way so I can get a better look at it...

    Looks like a fun package to go through!