Monday, March 26, 2012

Bobblehead Monday #28

Bobblehead #28
Name: Brian Downing
Position: OF
Team: California Angels
Description: 7.25 inches tall; standing; holding bat
Relevance: This bobblehead has grown to be a favorite of mine because of a math lesson I teach each year.  For some reason, algebra students like comparing themselves to bobbleheads.
How Acquired: Brian Downing is probably one of my 5 oldest bobbleheads.  He was given away at an Angels’ game in August of 2002, but I’ve never been to an Angels’ game.  Bottom line: I have no idea how Mr. Downing came to be part of my collection.   
Other Notes: This is the one bobblehead that I own that doesn’t have a permanent spot reserved on the shelves in my man room.  Why?  I use Brian for a lesson covering proportions in my math classroom.  “If Downing is 7.25 inches tall, with a head that is 3 inches tall, and you are 6 feet tall, then how tall is your head if your body is similar to Downing’s?”      Answer:  nearly 30 inches!


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