Saturday, September 17, 2011

Warrior Dash

The Course Map
Frank checking for contraband upon arrival in Rockford.
We survived!  Jane, Laura, Jeremy, Mikelle, Sandra, Vince, and myself all traveled to Rockford Friday evening and spent the night at Jeff and Nichole's.  We departed about 6:40 a.m. and arrived at Twin Lakes, Wisconsin, about 7:50.  We checked in, laced up shoes with timing chips, applied face paint, and pump ourselves up.  Somewhere in the mix Jeff's cheeks made an appearance.

We snuck into the 9:00 heat and attacked what is described as "3.08 hellish miles".  The course included 12 obstacles (walls, mud pits, fire, & etcetera).  We deftly navigated the course and we all finished without major injury.  Afterwards, like true warriors, we dined on turkey legs and drank beer!

Before the race: Jeremy, Mikelle, Jeff, Nichole, Math Man, Laura, Jane, Sandra and Vince.
Challenging course, good food, and lots of laughs with great friends.  It was a fun morning!  Did I mention we received t-shirts, plush viking helmets, and a medal for finishing!  Enjoy the pics!

Laura's ready to go into battle!

Jane finished her 1st ever 5k!

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