Sunday, September 7, 2014

Raccoon Update: #winning

I set up the good ol' raccoon trap every night for the past week.  The results?  Just one tiny little raccoon.  I think I have successfully stunted the population in my neighborhood.

Yes, I think I'm winning this little battle!    Here's the latest enrollee to my Raccoon Relocation Program.

#15 - Owen Wilson

Owen is the smallest of the raccoons I've trapped.  He was very timid and very shy.  My wife had to practically use baby talk to get him to stop cowering in fear long enough to pose for a picture.  I think he must have been the runt of the litter this past spring.  Regardless, he has now joined the fourteen coons before him at the middle school. 

The statistics in my Blogger control panel say my raccoon posts are some of my least popular material.  No worries folks, because I think the remaining population is nearing zero.   But, I'll keep baiting the trap for the rest of the month, because you never know when I might catch a straggler!

Here's the list of participants:
1. Ashton Kutcher
2. Beyoncé Knowles
3. Channing Tatum
4. Demi Moore
5. Elvis Presley
6. Fergie Duhamel
7. George Costanza
8. Heidi Klum
9. Iggy Pop
10. Jenifer Lopez
11. Kanye West
12. Lady Gaga
13. Matthew McConaughey
14. Natalie Portman 
15. Owen Wilson


  1. One summer between semesters, my wife and I moved to Texas and I worked at a diner in downtown Austin. I made a cheeseburger for Owen Wilson. Also made food for one of the guys from Friday Night Lights.