Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Cubs Convention Calendar: September

"With darkness setting in over Wrigley Field on September 28, 1938, the umpires were set to call the game a tie following one last at-bat.  That's when Gabby Hartnett smacked his famous "Homer in the Gloamin'," an 0-2 fastball deep into the dusk-lit sky off of Pittsburgh's Mace Brown to virtually clinch the 1938 NL Pennant for Chicago. Shown here, Hartnett was mobbed by fans, reporters, and teammates as he circle the bases for home."

What a great shot of Wrigley Field being overtaken by fans!  Ahhhh... post season baseball... it's been some time now!  I'd love to live long enough to see something like this again for my Cubs.

Side note #1: A short video which has the radio call of the homerun can be found here.

Side note #2: Gabby Hartnett, a hall of fame member, had one of the strangest nicknames I've heard of: Old Tomato Face.  Just plain odd.

Side note #3: For those of you who don't use gloamin' or gloaming on a regular basis because you're not familiar with the term...
Work gloamin'  into your everyday vernacular and impress your friends!

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  1. That's a great photo! Love how the photo captured the woman posing while there is so much going on around her.