Wednesday, September 10, 2014

He's Scowling, But I'm Smilling

I'm on a self-imposed baseball card hiatus.
 No, Andre Dawson isn't happy with my decision.  But hey, sometimes I have to jump back into life and play the role of an adult.  You guys know how it is.  The school year started about a month ago and we're planning on remodeling the master bathroom.  Translation: no time and no money.

So when I found a PWE in my mailbox it was a nice surprise . . . on a couple of levels.
 I mean, just look at that card!  Panini is finally becoming adept at picking out photos which don't require logo removal.  That's a nice surprise.  I was starting to wonder if they would ever learn.  Blue shininess = a great card!

Rizzo and Fukudome have two totally different approaches at the plate, but they are two of my favorite left-handed batters in recent memory.  Two more winners right here!
You may be wondering who is the responsible party for these Cubs cards? 

Sometime back I sent Brad, author of the Red Sox Fan in Nebraska blog, a small PWE.  You see, I had a card that didn't fit in my collection. Literally. No seriously, it wasn't the traditional 2.5" by 3.5" and it was frustrating me.  I once or twice thought about cutting the panels apart for easier storage, but I couldn't bring myself to do it.  So instead I shipped it off to Brad. I figured he would be the least likely blogger I know to be frustrated by its oblong dimensions.

He must have really liked it, because Brad sent me a thank you PWE and it was absolutely glorious.
 This Julio Zuleta card from the Pacific Invincible 2000 set is amazing.  Not only is it a set that is new to me, but the back is in Spanish and the blue background is translucent.  And the ivy on the front... awesome!
Here's a shot of the card in front of my monitor's screen saver.  Pretty neat looking if you ask me.  This one definitely will find a home in my Cub FrankenSet binder.

Cub FrankenSet binder?   Yep, you read correctly.  In my down time, which is scarce, I've been toying with the idea of building a set of only Cubs.  I'm still working on the logistics, but Dime Box Nick planted this seed with his Dime Box FrankenSet. Number thirty-two is taken by . . . none other than Julio Zuleta!

I wasn't expecting a return package and this one was a doozy.  Thank you Brad for all of the great cards!


  1. I really like that Pacific Invincible 2000 set.

  2. You have bested the bear. You ruled the rancor. You conquered the colossus. You even tamed the krakken. Will you survive the WAMPA?