Wednesday, August 5, 2015

We're Going Streaking!

For the first time in the history of my blog the Cubs are on a nice winning streak AND it really means something.

They are currently 3 games back of the Pirates for the first wild card slot and they play those formidable Buccos again tonight.
Waiting out a rain delay in Pittsburgh . . .

The Cubs are a half game in front of the defending World Series champions and they start a four game series with the Giants tomorrow.   Hopefully we'll see more of this!

It's a fun group of players this year for sure.  You really never know what to expect with guys like David Ross and Jason Motte hanging around:

And they managed to add at the deadline rather than subtracting . . . and those guys seem to fit in with the clubhouse already:

I guess I'm just really excited because it's meaningful baseball in August, the dog days. 

Also, the last time the Cubs were good (2008) it was before Twitter had really taken off, and I feel closer to this team than any other because of social media.  It's been fun so far!


  1. I hope you guys sweep the Giants. I want an all central contingent!

  2. It's just nice caring about baseball this late in the season!