Thursday, August 27, 2015

And We Have a Winner!

This beautiful piece of slabbed cardboard and stack of team cards will go to the person who had the closest guess to the total number of runs scored in my 6th grade intrasquad softball scrimmage this evening.

Let's review the eleven guesses before revealing the final score:
The Lost Collector = 17 runs, 105 minutes, Yanks!
Adam K. = 23 runs, 121 minutes, Rockies.
Once a Cub = 25 runs, 110 minutes, Cubs
Red Cardboard = 29 runs, 111 minutes, Reds
defgav = 33 runs, 120 minutes, Braves/Pirates
John H. = 35 runs, 135 minutes, Tigers/Braves
gcrl = i'll go with 38, 145 minutes, dodgers
Jane = 41 runs, 137 minutes, Cubs
RAZ = 43 runs, 135 minutes, Astros
Wilson = 47 runs, 128 minutes, Cardinals
Matthew S. = 51 runs, 131 minutes, Pirates

 The final score was 25 to 20 in five innings and the time stamp on the photo was 7:06.  Considering the start time of 4:30, that's a painstakingly long 156 minutes of bad softball.  What an afternoon.  SMH.

I was thanked by a parent after the game for giving the girls the opportunity for more playing time and team once again seemed to have a great time. So, yeah.  I guess it was worth it.

Wilson had a solid guess and was only two runs off from the total.  But, so did RAZ and his time was closer. 
So our winner is RAZ!

Congratulations!  I'll do my best to get your cards out next week, but I may wait until softball season is over in early September.

Again, thanks for stopping by!