Saturday, April 26, 2014

Living on the Border

My wife and I don't get the local newspaper.  We rarely turn the television on and when we do it's certainly not with the intent to watch the news.  How do we stay up-to-date on worldly happenings and the like?

The interwebs of course!  I visit a half-dozen sites each day in an attempt to stay current.  We also pay $15 a month so my wife can be an on-line subscriber of The New Tork Times.  She enjoys well-written content and I can't say I blame her.  Although, sometimes I wonder if it's worth the cash to have unlimited access to their site, but then I'm made aware of a "cool" article or feature.

I know we love our cardboard, which means we're all baseball fans at heart.  So why not share the latest great baseball related article from the NYTimes.

Above is a snapshot of a map, from the Up Close on Baseball's Borders story, which breaks down fan boundaries for our favorite MLB teams. All the data for the maps has been accumulated through Facebook. The article makes an attempt to break down the where the borders would be drawn between the most heated rivalries in our beloved sport AND name the boundary lines. 

The maps are interactive and every team is represented, although some aren't shown in the picture above.

It doesn't take long for one to figure out for themselves that my neck of the woods is right on the border.  Let's take a look:
 Yikes!  38% to 36% in favor of my Cubs over the Redbirds.  I think I'll have to enjoy that small win, because I fear this will be the last time the Cardinals will be looking up at the Cubs in the standings this year.  The Cubs are currently on pace for a season record of 52 wins and 110 losses. Oye. 

If you're looking to kill a couple of hours just click the link to the article and/or explore the map.



  1. That map is exceptionally cool. However, I know there are more A's fans in my part of the world than is represented in those numbers.

  2. If you have a subscription for The New York Times I'd highly recommend looking through their archive and looking at baseball articles from 100 years ago (especially those that non-subscribers can't access). There are quite a few wonderful pieces and game recaps for the New York Highlanders, New York Giants, Brooklyn Dodgers, your beloved Chicago White Cubs and so on.

  3. Dig that little small patch of ChiSox in the sea of Cub fans.