Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Favorite Pics from Spring Training

I've broken down my trip to spring training, the autographs and the cards already.  I actually thought I was done posting about my trip, but then Jim handed me a CD with a bunch of pictures from his camera.  So, why not?

Let's start with a food item.  Super Nachos!
 I was in Arizona long enough to see five baseball games and this tops my list of regrets: $10 Nachos.  I'd say if that's the worst, then that's a pretty good trip.  It wasn't even the cost that I regret, it was the fact that I finished the whole thing and then felt miserable for the next 6+ innings.  The Cubs losing that game didn't help matters.

Sweet shot of my sister and I from center field at Cubs Park. My sister is sporting her 2004 Spring Training shirt.  Nice!

Jim, my sister, and myself in front of the marquee at Cubs Park.  Stand in line for 10-15 minutes, don't pay a dime, and you're rewarded with a nice photo opportunity.  Cool!

 Ah... Theo!   I have such a man crush on Mr. Epstein I'm not even sure what to say.

We got up early on a Sunday morning to watch the minor league players practice. 
I can just read Dan Vogelbach's mind, "What are these yahoos doing out here on a Sunday morning taking pictures of me for?"   What a great candid shot!

Thanks for passing on the pictures to me, Jim!

And thanks to everyone else for stopping by to check out my picture heavy post!


  1. Those nachos look like they should be in a souvenir full sized batting helmet. Is that a fair assessment of the size?

    Some day I'll make it to Spring Training....some day...

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. I'd say they would be about the 2/3 the size of souvenir helmet nachos order. Regardless, I shouldn't have attacked that serving alone!