Saturday, April 19, 2014

More Distractions

My interest in cardboard has been waning as of late.  Too many distractions:
  1. I was trying to cut down on unread load of back-logged baseball books in the Man Room.  
  2. Then the weather turned "nice" and the yard needed some attention.  
  3. Heck, then the Major League Baseball season started. And even though my Cubs are off to a less than stellar start I've found myself paying more attention than I should.
I did make an eBay purchase this past week, which was my first one in over two months.  That must be a new record for me for since I jumped back into the hobby in 2009.

Hello, Welington!
 The Cubs "C" is obviously missing from the helmet, but otherwise I'm really happy with my purchase.  I love the sepia coloring of the card.
 Welington is even numbered our of 149.  For under $5 shipped that's a nice score in my opinion.

Now, back to the distractions:
 OOTP15 was released yesterday and I'm downloading it as I type.  This is the best baseball simulation out there.  I've been playing since 2004 and absolutely recommend it to any baseball fan who has ever thought, "I could be a better GM than so-and-so!"

Funny thing is, my hours playing OOTP and "playing" with my baseball cards has always varied inversely.  The new release of my favorite game could mean an indefinite hiatus to my card collecting habits.  We'll just have to see how it plays out.

Well, I gotta go.  I need to install a baseball universe in which the Cubs have a chance to win more games than they lose.  Wish me luck!


  1. Good luck reversing the curse man.

  2. My distraction has been a combo of the two. ToppsBunt App for iProducts. Virtual coins can buy me virtual packs of cards that I use to create a starting lineup. Players real-time stats get me points that help me get more coins to buy more virtual packs. There's also a forum for trading your virtual cards. And there's tons of inserts, which I don't have because I roll with the free amount of coins they dole out on a daily basis.