Monday, April 21, 2014

P-town Tom vs. the Blue Bag

My wife and I eat dinner most nights at a small little table within our kitchen which is adjacent to our patio slider.  During dinner I often gaze out the window to watch the birds at our feeders, but recently there's been something else drawing my attention.

I can't remember how long the blue plastic shopping bag has been stuck in that tree.  A month?  Maybe two?  Maybe since last fall?  Either way, it's been driving me crazy.  For a while I started to wonder why the property owners hadn't taken care of it, but that was before I learned that the house had a "for sale" sign out front and was sitting vacant.


I would have to take matters into my own hands.

We were working on reorganizing the garage this weekend when an epiphany hit me.  Next thing I know I'm running a couple of houses over with a metal L-shaped "hook" screwed into the end of a 1"x2"x8' board.

Two minutes later I was taking a victory lap around my own house with the blue plastic bag flying like a flag from the end of my stick.

Victory, at last!