Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Little Things

Yesterday a student, who just returned from spring break, came up to my desk and gave me a bottle of habanero pepper sauce.  I remember pulling out a couple of bottles of hot sauce from my teacher's desk on Pi Day to use as a flavor enhancer for the two warm pizza pies one of my students brought in to share with the class. (Pi Day is such a good excuse to bring food into the classroom.)

I guess my actions didn't go unnoticed on that day.  Wow.
 I tried it out on the quesadillas I made for dinner last night. 

The sauce, which is carrot based, can be seen on top of the sour cream.  Man, those were some flavorful quesadillas!   Thank you, Hallie!

While I was slowly cooking dinner on the stove last night I was also filling up the bird feeder.  While doing so I noticed someone had made a generous deposit of freshly cut wood to my wood bin. 
What a nice gift!  Thank you, wood gifting neighbor!

Sometimes it's the little things in life that really make you smile.  No worries my blogosphere brethren, I'll have little 2.5" by 3.5" pieces of cardboard to post about tomorrow PLUS another package from JBF to dissect this weekend!


  1. It's a cliche to ask, but have you tried anything with ghost peppers (bhut jolokia)?

    1. I've never heard of ghost peppers before. Super hot? Really good flavor? What's the hook besides an awesome name?

  2. Ah, it's indeed the little things in life. It's surprising the amount of niceties that come your way. Life always has a way of paying things forward.

  3. Thanks for the heart-warming post, Tom.