Wednesday, September 18, 2013

My first 1/1 card, or is it?

I've been checking eBay on a somewhat regular basis with the hopes of snagging by first one-of-one card to add to my collection.  At the beginning of the year I decided this was going to be one of my main collecting goals.
 At the beginning of the month I picked up on eBay what was advertised as, "2013 Panini NSCC Yellow Printing Plate" of Starlin Castro.   Naturally, I assumed it was a 1/1, you know, because it's a printing plate.  They don't make more than one printing plate of each color, right? 

Or do they?

A quick eBay search found me this listing:

Bummer.  I thought I had my first 1/1 card.  Nope, it's a 1 of 5 instead.  At least I didn't pay $19.99 for mine.

Hmph.  We all know what happens when one assumes.  Oh, eBay... you win this round!

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