Sunday, September 8, 2013

Laying all my Chipz on the Table.

I was at one of the box stores recently and nothing really spoke to me in the card aisle so I plucked a package of Chipz from its box and checked out.  I figured, "Why not?"

These guys have some serious weight to them and are very much like poker chips.  You know, not that Topps would promote something like gambling.

Before we get going on the contents of the wrapper, let me start by saying I have to learn how to not buy something when nothing speaks to me.  It should go without saying, they are all up for trade.

4 Chipz, 1 team sticker, and 1 game board included in each pack.

Carlos Gonzalez and Jacoby Ellsbury.  Too pretty fine outfielders, and one will supposedly be chased by the Cubs during this off season's free agent period, but I'm not too excited about either of these.

Justin Verlander.  Yeah, he's a stud.  This is also the gold parallel version.  Cool.

And lastly, a Detroit Tigers sticker on top of the Chip.  Huh.

I've left it there, but thankfully the back helps clue me in to who is behind the sticker.

Prince Fielder.  Tigers hot pack, anyone?

The Chipz are done fairly well, but it's not a product that I can get behind.  Call be a traditionalist if you must, but I'm a cardboard guy.


  1. Hey Tom! Looking for a good home for the CarGo?

    1. I'll set him aside for you! Thanks for reading.