Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Another Coaching Season is in the Books

I think about this title and it's a bit ironic.  Yes, I just finished coaching my softball team of sixth and seventh graders, but we didn't keep a score book.  Many may think that's odd, but when you're competition is usually a year older than most of your players looking back at scores is kind of a moot point.

The junior high school across the parking lot from my high school building fields two softball teams.  I assist with the older "A-team" and I am charged with teaching the younger group about the rules and fundamentals of fast-pitch softball.  We play a modest eleven game schedule and most of our games come after the "A" game and have a strict 60 or 75 minute time limit attached to them.

We may have not have had a very successful year in the overrated Win Column, but in my eyes it was a really good season and here's why:
1. the fifteen girls learned quite a bit about the game (base running, fielding, hitting, & etc.)
2. I saw marked improvement in their skill sets
3. they had fun and it seems that most will be back for another go next year

Boy, when I see them again next July I hope they've all added twenty-five pounds and three inches to their frames.  Sixth graders are tiny!
 After our season ending tournament on Saturday we took a few team pictures and many pleasantries were exchanged.  I received a hand made thank you card with a note from one of my players and a nice card signed by many of the parents that accompanied a gift certificate to a local sporting good store.  The gift certificate is nice, but hand made cards trump them any day of the week.  Additionally, I was awarded the team signed ball at the top of the post to put on my trophy shelf at school.  Simply awesome!

I can't believe this was my thirteenth year coaching junior high softball and that another season has already come and gone.  Time sure does fly when you're having fun.

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