Thursday, April 11, 2019

Vogelmonster is Raking!

Most know me as a Cubs guy who has an odd infatuation with a player no one has ever heard about.

Well, that's changing.

Here's the MLB leader board on this morning:
 I hear that Mike Trout guy is pretty good. Tim Anderson has been red hot. And lookie there... there's that AAAA-player P-town Tom is always posting about. How 'bout that!

The Mariners are setting records for most consecutive games hitting a home run to start a season. Vogelbach isn't doing it all by himself, but with 6 homers he does have more than the entire Detroit Tigers team as of this post.

After Vogelbach hit a 10th inning frozen rope to the bleachers in right-center today he got a little extra love on social media.

Vogelbach has a fun and energetic personality. I love this picture above!

I'm not a big rap guy, but I dig this tweet.

Vogelunit? I'm not sure I can get behind that nickname. VogelMONSTER!
Hey, check out the view count of the video. Honestly, I only account for about 49K of those views. LOL

Zippy Zappy alerted me of this next and I'm glad he did.
Hehe. The baseball world is taking notice.

Here's a nice summary of what I saw awhile back in the Vogelmonster:
I'm really enjoying the ride and to this point in the season I've actually watched more highlights of the Mariners than the Cubs. I don't know how long Vogelbach will keep mashing, but I hope he does enough damage, long enough, that he doesn't fall back into a part-time role when Kyle Seager gets off the IL. Watching your favorite player sit behind Edwin Encarnacion, Jay Bruce and Ryon Healy isn't very entertaining.

You know what is entertaining? Vogelbombs to win games in extra innings!

Maybe he makes enough of a splash that he makes the Home Run Derby? That would be insane, and it's probably crazy talk on my part. I'd love it though, even if it meant I'd never be able to afford one of his autos or early rookie cards again.

Thanks for checking in and all of your Vogelbach support!


  1. I guess "Vogelunit" is supposed to reference the Scoville Unit of heat? Vogelmoster is a much better nickname. Psyched to see him start off the year slugging away like this. Enjoy every one of those Vogelbombs!

    1. It's probably a Randy "Big Unit" Johnson reference.

      Nice to see one of the noted blogosphere heroes are making a huge splash.

  2. Glad your guy is finally getting a shot. I wish I had known you were into him last year. Saw him in Tampa and I could’ve got an autograph. He was a really nice guy. Hope he keeps on mashing dingers.

  3. I thought of him when he hit that monster shot in KC

  4. Every time I see his name in the Mariners' box score, I think of you. Hope he continues this streak for you and all the Mariners fans out there.

  5. I'm so glad Vogelbach finally gets a chance to prove himself. All it took was some consistent ABs!

  6. How rewarding it must be for you to see this! Pulling for him.

  7. I finally pulled the trigger and added him to one of my fantasy league teams. It'll be hard to keep him out the lineup the way he's going!

  8. I think I've been more happy for you than for him throughout this run!

  9. Love these comments! You guys are the best!
    Thanks for all of the support!

  10. It's awesome to see Vogelbach having this great of a season. You must be thrilled about it.