Monday, February 19, 2018

The Collection: 5000-Count Box #1

The summaries of the first two large boxes of cards can be found here and here. Today we'll touch on the third of the five boxes within what I have dubbed as The Collection.

So, there were two 5000-count boxes and I could tell from the weight that one was full and the other one was not. I went with the lighter of the two boxes to give myself a little bit of a sorting break.
There may have been 1,600 cards bouncing around all loosey-goosey like in this box. Many of the cards were Topps cards from the late 80s and early 90s and their corners did not take well to all that freedom. They found the recycle bin. I don't mind junk wax, but I can't deal with damaged junk wax.

Luckily, there were still a few gems to photograph and post here on the blog!
Behold! A 1981 Fleer Kent Tekulve card!  I don't think there are many players, on cardboard, who are universally revered as highly across the blogs as Kent Tekulve. Gorgeous card!

Alright. Do me a favor and hit play on the video below.

It will only help set the mood.

Trust me.

Seriously. Press play.

I don't know what he saxophone player in Careless Whisper looks like, but I picture him looking a little bit like Joe Pettini.
 No? C'mon. You have to give me that one. The mustache... glasses... black turtleneck... no?

Okay, you can shut the video down if you like.

We're moving on, but bonus point will be earned for all of those who allow the song to play out.

Stadium Club earned its reputation for wonderful photography early with action shots like this beautiful Harold Reynolds card.
 Another unique shot gives us Jeff Tackett reaching into the stands for a foul pop-up.

There was a little vintage in the box and one mini 1975 card.
 Bon Tolan? He's pretty beat up, so much so Dave Rader can't look away.

These were my favorite in the box:
In 1992, Pinnacle put out a series of cards demonstrating pitching grips. Pretty cool for a cardboard collecting high school pitching coach like myself.
I teach my pitchers the circle change when I can. I have my pitchers grip across the seams, but I can see the advantage to gripping it with the seams. Pitch movement, especially when metal bats are involved, is always a positive.  I may have to have them experiment a little. Thank you Pinnacle and Mr. Maddux!

Whelp, that's it for box #3 of The Collection. It was a little bit of a downer, but I suppose they can't all be walk-off homers.

Thanks for reading!  Two more boxes to come!


  1. Shut down the video? Are you kidding? I like that song and I don't give a d@mn if I lose my man card by admitting it.

    That Tekulve card is one of the best Fleer cards ever.

  2. I'm with Bob, that is a great song. George Michael was underrated. And I can totally picture the sax player as a Joe Pettini type.

    Gotta admit I was a bit sad to hear you had to discard so many cards, junk wax or not. Not because you threw them away-I'd have done the same thing. But because whoever packed them so loose left you no choice.

  3. I could never, either, shut down vintage George Michael or WHAM. I still have about 800-1200 1987 Topps dupes that I can't stomach to chuck but know I kind of have to. I've raided it for the "star" players that remained after I made two sets. But, if anyone wants them, and the star cards, too, let me know. The stuff in The Collection is really awesome to see: thank you for sharing.

  4. Didn't Joe Pettini become Father Guido Saraduchi?

  5. I've never seen that Grips set. Pretty cool!

  6. Careless Whisper? I was expecting to see some Josh Reddick cards. I feel liked I just got Whammed.

  7. You don't know how many days in 1985 that I wished that video would disappear forever ... and then YOU BROUGHT IT BACK.

    At least there was a '75 mini.

  8. Oh my gosh, I MUST have that Jeff Tackett card! Thanks for sharing this!