Monday, April 4, 2016

Woo-Hoo! Cubs Baseball Is Live!

I like how Major League Baseball spreads out opening day a little bit. My baseball fix was sated yesterday with the Pirates topping the Redbirds, but MY opening day is today!
Rizzo and two bear cubs
 This will be the sixth season that I'll blog through and hopefully it has a happy ending to it. Actually, I was really happy with the Cubs earning a wild card spot last season and taking down two division rivals en route to the NLCS. I didn't expect the young players to advance so quickly and Joe Maddon, in my mind, is the best manager a professional baseball club could ever hope to have. He keeps everyone happy and loose, as the pictures in this post from spring training can attest.
Schwarber going bald for Cubs Charities
 Last year I made some pre-season predictions, but they were horrible. This year I'm just going to sit back and enjoy the ride. I know it will have some bumpy moments, because every season does, but hopefully in the end the Ws outnumber the Ls for the Cubs. All the pundits have the northsiders making another playoff appearance and I don't want to jinx them with my silly predictions.  
Lefty bullpen guys... They're so goofy!
Who knows, maybe the Cubs will force me to change my blog name. Wouldn't that be something?

Happy Opening Day, everyone!


  1. hey tom - thanks for sending some cards my way! i have a few more almost ready to send back, including the ted williams wrigley insert and at least one card to fill a frankenset gap...

  2. "maybe the Cubs will force me to change my blog name. Wouldn't that be something"

    In related news, Bigfoot is discovered, Sen. Inhofe agrees that climate change is happening and sequel to The Room ( wins the Oscar for Best Picture.

    1. 'You are tearing me apart, Lisa!'

    2. I guess it is a little bit of a reach. :)

  3. The Cubs are going to be a juggernaut this year. Injuries will be the only thing that can slow them down. They really beat the hell out of the Angels.