Sunday, April 24, 2016

PWE Goodness from gcrl

Times are busy and packages are stacking up on my desk.  Let's make that stack a PWE shorter! 

Jim, the author of the new FrankenDodger blog, is a veteran trader, and he sure knows how to craft the perfect PWE. 

This pair filled two vacant slots in my very own FrankenSet of the Cubs. Jim has already completed his own 726 card Dodger FrankenSet and I'm excited to see the page-by-page reveal on his new blog.
 BONUS: Sutcliffe and Szczur both played in Peoria! Woo-Hoo!

Six down and nineteen more to go!  gcrl is the third different contributor to my Wrigley Field insert set. If you have any extras you're looking to rid yourself of, then I'm your man!  Here's a link to my checklist.

Lackey was smacked around a bit last night and for the first time in eighteen games this year a Cubs starter failed to log six innings. So it goes.
I like the idea of this striking distance card, but instead of 400 Games Started, I wish they would have used the "Defeats All 30 Franchises" idea, which he accomplished in his last start. Lots of pitchers in the annals of baseball history have made 400 starts, but only 16 have beat all 30 teams. With the Cubs playing the Cardinals 19 times this year, the last team on his list, the odds of it happening were fairly decent.

Carl Edwards, Jr.!  Is it wrong that I think of the burger joint every time I hear Carl's name?
He could stand to eat a few more hamburgers, as he is 6'3" and only 170 pounds. Yikes!  Carl is my pick to be the first arm called up from Iowa this year.

What a great PWE: two FrankenSet needs, a Wrigley need, my first Cub card of Lackey, and a prospect.  Everyone knows how I love my prospects!  Thanks for the cards, Jim!


  1. glad they arrived safely. and glad to help with your frankenset.

  2. Some nice stuff there. Personally, whenever I hear Carl Edwards' name, I think of the back flipping nascar driver of the same name. We don't have any Carl's Jrs. around these parts.