Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Contest Reveal

Thanks to everyone who entered the contest and especially to those who advertised it on their blogs. I appreciate you, the readers, and I'm happy to hold little contests from time-to-time.

Before we get to the winner I had to show off my newest acquisition. Wrigley Roster Jenga has already blogged about RizzO's cereal and if you're looking for more details on the product itself, then I would suggest checking out Tony Burbs' post.
My mom-in-law visited this past weekend and she brought me two boxes from the south suburbs of Chicago. She actually called the grocery store and RESERVED them for me, and I'm glad she did because the shelves were empty when she went to pick up the boxes.  I am loved.  :)

On to the contest! There were 42 entries in all, which is kind of appropriate considering I started the contest on MLB's Jackie Robinson Day.

The person in the top spot will receive a yellow padded envelope full of cards from his favorite team/player. AND, as always, I like to reward the "unlucky" individual who takes up residence in the very last spot. They will receive some pity cards!
There you have it!  Tim B. will be the lucky recipient of a bountiful Yankees package and Adam Sanders will get some most excellent pity cards Reds. I will make good on the prizes, but there is still plenty to go through and I don't have much in the free time department. Shipping now is an option, but I've only sorted through two shoe boxes at this point.  Gentlemen, please be patient and I'll do my best to reward that patience!

Thanks for dropping by and happy collecting!


  1. Yaay! I won .. wait, I mean I lost ... but, yay I won (I think)!

  2. Now that the contest is over, let me congratulate you on five years of blogging! Here's to five more.

  3. Five years?! Congrats, man! Sorry I missed your contest :-(

  4. Interesting that some stores are selling out of Rizz-Os so quick. I'm on the north side and waited three weeks to grab mine (picked up 2 of the last 3 boxes on display).

  5. Fourth place, I've never placed that high! Sweet! hahahahahahaha

  6. Awesome! Thanks for the contest and Happy Blogiversary again. Great cereal box, btw.