Wednesday, April 13, 2016

More Cardboard from the Legendary Mr. Hoyle

There's been a nice and steady flow of PWE and packages greeting my mailbox the last couple of months: two items or maybe three a week. That's a pace I can keep up with!  The latest is from the much heralded Mark Hoyle, he vintage and Red Sox fame.

This card package brought me my first Kyle Schwarber card sticker since his season ending injury. Is there someone chopping onions in here?

 I love me some D-Lee, but not quite as much as I love oddballs of The Hawk.  This one is from Topps Magazine and sports a very colorful border, so much color in fact that Topps didn't have any ink left to color the Cubs logo.  So sad.

It's a hopping Sammy Sosa!  I'm not a Sammy Sosa collector by any stretch of the imagination, but I have noticed that my eyes tend to gravitate toward his homer hopping cards. 

More 2016 Heritage! The New Age Performers of Kris Bryant is new to me, but the others are dupes.
 Dupes do not bother me one iota. All of these will find their way into the player collection binder, the FrankenSet, or my Cubs Box. There's always room for these fine gentlemen, especially the Joe Maddon card!

This is my first look at the "Then & Now" cards from this year. I like them!
Fergie is arguably the most famous of all Cubs pitchers and this is a great pairing with Mr. Jake Arrieta. (Yes, I know Greg Maddux pitched for the Cubs, but he won more Cy Youngs and pitched more years with Atlanta.)

Thanks for the great selection of cards, Mark!  I'll be sure to keep my out for some Red Sox for you!


  1. I seriously wondered if Schwarber's season ending surgery signaled a possible chance for Vogelbach to get a better opportunity. Although Vogelbach is still behind on the depth chart, he does have one less body ahead of him now.

  2. While I don't want the Cubs to do well for obvious reasons that Schwarber injury was tough to watch. At least the Cubs have great depth. Soler should step in nicely.

  3. Was really looking forward to seeing Schwarber this season. It's real shame b