Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Instant PC

I got a PWE from Zippy Zappy at the tail end of last week and it made me jump for joy. To begin with, it had a little insert set help for my 2015 Bowman Draft set.

I'm hoping I get to see Happ come through Peoria as a member of the Sound Bend Cubs, but I bet he starts the year in the Florida State League instead.

The odds are higher that I'll get to Carson Sands.

Shiny, oh so shiny!

That was the last of the Cubs cards in the envelope, which is very un-Zippy Zappy like.  But, there's good reason for that!

I didn't have Andury Acevedo cards, who the Cubs signed to a minor league deal back in November.

The rest of the PWE was chocked full of Adam Warren, who I am a BIG fan of!  This was the lone card I had in my collection before Zippy's generosity.

There was Topps Chrome and a blue paper parallel from 2013...

Bowman Chrome rookie cards...

And a mixture of other various brands like Tri-Star and Topps Pro-Debut.

What a great way to start a player collection!  I love that the Topps Pro Debut card features Warren in a Staten Island Yankee uniform. It adds a bit more of a personal touch to this PWE knowing that is Zippy Zappy's local minor league team.

Thanks Zippy Zappy!  I've got some cards for you and I'll see what I can do about getting them packaged up and out to you!


  1. NICE! Congratulations on now being the ultimate Adam Warren super collector on the blogosphere. Also, that reminds me, I need to locate an Acevedo myself; I forgot about that guy.

  2. That Teams of Tomorrow card is sharp!

    1. I think they are my favorite insert set from 2015.

  3. Good stuff, you can always count on Zippy for minors cards

  4. I'm sorry it wasn't a normal Zippy Zapping of sorts. Unfortunately my Cubbies reserves are at an all time low at the moment.
    But I just wanted to get some neat cards out to you.
    I actually got to meet Adam Warren in person (at a card show, not in Staten Island) and he is a swell guy. I wish him nothing but the best in Chicago.

    1. It's always easier to back a guy when you know he's a decent dude. Thanks again for the collection!

  5. Zippy Zappings are always a welcome site