Sunday, March 13, 2016

Ending My Package Hiatus

Tony, from Off Hiatus Baseball Cards, sent me hefty yellow-padded mailer last week. I have had a steady flow of packages coming in as of late, but I've taken a break from making trade packages until yesterday. Being on the receiving end of one great package after another has finally shamed me into carving out some time to repay the generosity. The cards from Tony were the ones that ended my package making hiatus.  If you're a #supertrader and you've sent me cards recently then you'll have cards going out this week!

On to the package of oddballs!
 There were three sets of this authenticated Ernie Banks Front Row set. Anyone need a copy? Tony Burbs?  Dimebox Nick? Hackenbush? Wrigley Wax?
 I checked with Wrigley Wax to see if the Billy Williams super collector had this stellar Jimmy Dean in his collection already. I'm happy to say he does, so this one stays with me!
 I don't show many Sammy cards on my humble little blog, but I liked these Invincible cards enough to take pictures of them. I'd probably feel different about Sammy if I wasn't at Wrigley the day he walked out on the team in 2004.

These aren't oddballs, but I do love the Diamond Kings series.
 Minis!  Lots and lots of minis!
An instant Ian Happ Collection!  Nice!
 Wild Thing and Chuck McElroy were two of my favorite lefties when I was growing up.
 O-Pee-Chee!  This set is one of my favorite O-Pee-Chee issues.  There were nine cards total, but Milton Bradley isn't getting any love on this blog.
 Let's play two!  Ernie!
 I feel like I've seen that photo on the left a few times before.
 Voice of Summer... what a great insert set for the true fans of baseball. Well done, Panini.  Well done.
 A Drake's oddball and Highlights card of Billy Williams from 1987 Donruss fame. These are both great additions to my collection.
 Conlon Collection!  There's a blind spot when it comes to my Cubs knowledge and someday I'll do a little research about the Cubs from the first half of the twentieth century. I'm sure these cards will be even more loved after I learn more about Heinie and Billy Herman.
 These guys I know plenty about already. I was born after they all retired, but I've read plenty of books documenting the Cubs from the '60s and '70s.

Reprint Madness!
 Cap Anson was NOT a nice person, but an A&G reprint will never be turned away.  Tobacco cards!  Stellar!
 Tinker to Evers to Chance!  Excellent!

 More guys from the '30s that I know little about. I recognize their names, but that's about it.

 I really like the feel of the above set. Man, if I could collect any vintage set it would be the 1933 Goudey Big League Chewing Gum set.

I find the Lou Gehrig cards to be a little odd. 
The text on the backs are in quotation marks. Do they expect me to believe that Lou Gehrig actually said all of that
1951 Bowman reprints!

 Cracker Jack!
 It's another Heinie sighting!

I believe these are Goudey cards as well.

I like the art work on the 1952 Bowman Set. Everyone, meet Turk Lown!

Tony, thanks for the great variety of cards!  #SuperTraders


  1. Love all those reprints. Milton Bradley gets no love ever

  2. Glad you liked the cards, Tom! It was a lot of fun to rip those packs and to go through all those Dover reprints too. I especially like the Goudey, as you do.

  3. Nice assortment of cards....and I already have the Banks Front Row set.

  4. A Jimmy Dean and a Drakes card! Tony was very generous with this break.

  5. Super jealous of all those reprints. (And I could definitely use one of those Mr. Cub sets if you have a spare!)