Monday, March 28, 2016

A Package from the Burst Trader

There are definitely times when my trading can be described as deliberate and there are other times where I wear a path between my doorstep and the post office. The Junior Junkie recently coined a new term: burst trader. Trading in bursts is something I'm quite familiar with, but not to TJ's level, which recently was fifty-one packages in one trip to the post office!

I was one of the happy recipients of that record shipment.  Let's see the cardboard mojo he sent my way!

I didn't know Upper Deck joined Topps in the gold foil business back in 1992.  The little UD emblem on the back is gold. I wonder how many of these I unknowingly have in my collection?

 Die-cuts!  Mr. Jackson didn't make enough contact for his five-tool talent to stick in the majors. D-Lee is one of my favorite Cubs first basemen of all-time.
 More die-cuts!  Mickey Morandini replaced Ryne Sandberg at second base after Ryno retired the second time.   I'm hoping Javier Baez can make more contact than Brett Jackson. Only time will tell.
 Here's another luminescent!  I already have the the Jorge Soler and now I only need one more to complete the triumvirate. Should I seek it out or hope it lands in my mailbox unexpectedly? Decisions, decisions.
 Some 2015 Donruss . . . The Rookies was a boxed set I always looked forward to picking up when I was younger. I guess I was a prospector even back then.

2016 Donruss!  I still have yet to crack a pack or buy and 2016 cards for myself, but they keep trickling in to the Waiting 'til Next Year headquarters.
 Ha!  Finally! My first 2016 Topps flagship base card!  And it's of Mr. Kris Bryant!  Boo-yah!
 I don't recall a player ever being granted a rookie cup AND being labeled a future star on the same  card.  Is that a thing now?

I think I'm up to six of the 100 Years of Wrigley insert set. I will complete this set. I will.
 2016 buyback vintage!  Hello, Steve Swisher!  The 1978 set is the only "vintage" set I have managed to complete, so this is a perfect addition to my collection.
Nomaaaaah! Nomar always get blog time when I find him in a package. Fantastic.
 I was just re-organizing my Hall of Fame Cubs last weekend and I was disappointed to find that I only had three Gabby Hartnett cards in my collection.  The Junior Junkie cures what ails ya.
 More of my beloved Cubs greats from the Conlon collection.  I love the Conlon collection and I would absolutely to try to complete the set if I could find a couple of boxes for cheap.
 Ted Williams baseball cards.  Why did the Splendid Splinter get his own card set? Not complaining, just curious.
 Playoff Contenders!  Dillon Maples if a PC guy and Matt Szczur is a favorite!  I hope he makes the 25-man roster out of spring training this year. I really excited about these!
 An O-Pee-Chee of big Lee and a purple chrome card of Beef.  Two more of my favorites!
 Lastly, here are three additions to the Kerry Wood collection.  The new total is 455 and still counting!  I like the 2004 Upper Deck advertisement in the upper right.  I'm a sucker for anything nontraditional-like in my cardboard collection.
The Kousuke Fukudome card on the bottom right is the 130th different card of Fukudome's in that particular PC, and the first addition in quite some time.
Congrats on the newborn, T.J.!  And thanks for the great additions to many of my cardboard collections!


  1. Nomar with the Cubs just doesn't look right

  2. I have quite the handful of Conlon, DM me your address, @stetsonaw.

  3. You're welcome! And I agree with Mark. Cubbie Nomar freaks me out.