Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Didn't Nail It First Time Out

Wrigley Wax posted his pack of Marketside Topps pizza cards yesterday and showed off his Kris Bryant card.  I was more than jealous so I hit up the Wal-Mart yesterday morning on the way to baseball practice and found they had five such pizza boxes in stock.  Could I be as lucky as WW?
In short, no. I kind of regret the purchase now. As a household we try to avoid going to Wally World, because we like to support small and local businesses.  But, I love pizza and I'm a sucker for food issue baseball cards so my curiosity won out.

This was the first pack I have opened in 2016 and I was not happy with the cards I drew.  All three of them are going out to #SuperTraders and the coupons will be saved for a contest in the near future.

Card #1:
 Madison Bumgarner isn't a bad pull, but I owe GCRL some Dodgers. I'm pretty sure the Giants are the antithesis of the Dodgers. Heads up Arpsmith, this one is coming your way.

Card #2:
 Evan Longoria?  Hmph. The best thing I can say about this card is at least I know where to send my Rays. #Supertraders  Tim B., you will soon be the lucky owner of food issue Evan Longoria card!

Lastly, card number #3.

Wait, is it too late to ask for a do over?

No one held me hostage and forced me to purchase that pizza, but I still feel cheated.

If only I could turn back time.

I haven't seen a checklist yet, but I'm fairly certain I pulled the only mascot on the checklist.


Everyone, meet Mr. Met.  Mr. Met, this is everyone. Mr. Met will soon be meeting buckstorecards in person.
 Seriously, how did Mr. Met beet out the Philly Phanatic or that Orbit character from the Astros? My guess is the proximity of Forbes headquarters and Citi Field, which is a mere fifteen miles.

Shoot. Well, enough complaining for this Cub fan. I could have purchased a pack of high end product (like Topps Tribute) and been really mad at myself. Instead I made three other people happy and I get to eat pizza. I guess I'm doing alright.

Thanks for stopping by and good luck to those of you looking to purchase a Marketside pizza!


  1. Bummer. I'm hoping Mrs. WW's luck stays good...Daddy needs a Schwarber!

  2. I'm sorry you had terrible luck, but I am happy to see the Longoria. As far as I know there still hasn't been a full checklist revealed. I've been trying to help Cardboard Connection fill in blanks in the checklist, but it's been slow going. It's possible there is at least one more mascot in the checklist at #50.

  3. "Seriously, how did Mr. Met beet out the Philly Phanatic or that Orbit character from the Astros?"

    If I had to guess it might be how the Phillies and Astros weren't in the World Series last year.

  4. A mascot card in this set is a terrible idea in my opinion. But, I don't really like mascot cards in general. I guess it's good for the kids. I am planning to pick one of these pizzas up this weekend. I see David Ortiz and Dustin Pedroia are on the checklist. Maybe I will be lucky.

  5. Bummer you didn't get any of the good cards but at least you got a decent pizza out of the deal! For as much as I don't like Wal-Mart, I will say those Marketside pizzas are absolutely great!

  6. Great stuff. Btw... according to Beckett... Philly Phanatic is in the set too.


  7. *sigh* now I have to get at least 2 cards from this set. After seeing WWs post I looked on FeeBay and saw there is a Bryce Harper (from my Homie Nationals) and now Mr. Met (a mascot I collect mascot cards, but not the UD cloth things they did for college football). Oh and Mr. Fuji says da Phanatic is in the set as well? UGH. I was hoping I could avoid this set all together. ALL: "I was hoping I could avoid this set"

  8. I guess a pizza is an ok consolation prize.