Thursday, March 3, 2016

Baseball is Back: Vogelmonster Style!

Photo credit to John Arguello
I've been following Dan Vogelbach's professional career since the inception of my blog. I refer to him as The Vogelmonster, because I believe has bat has the potential to be a monstrous presence within a lineup.  Today was the spring training opener for the Cubs and The Vogelmonster was batting seventh as the designated hitter.  He earned some love on Twitter:

 The Cubs lost the game, but The Vogelmonster had an opposite field RBI ground rule double.  The man can mash . . . to all fields!
 My favorite Cubs blog, Cubs Den featured him today, which made my day. I just had to share my jubilation.  Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Here's hoping he gets a taste of the Show this year - it's just too bad that he's so defensively limited.

    1. I'd attempt to do a cartwheel if he got a cup of coffee in September. You're right, being a young first base only defensive player is pretty rough on the North Side these days.

  2. He is a big dude. Maybe when the Cubs eventually trade Soler or Schwarber he'll be packaged in a deal to a team where he can get playing time. How fun would it be to see Vogelmonster and Schwarber in the same lineup....