Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Yes, JBF Is Still Out There!

Wes, the uber-generous card giving author of the now defunct Jaybarkerfan's Junk blog, has kept true to his word: he's still lurking in the shadows and he's still sending out packages.

I had one land on my door step not too long ago.  The package was oddly shaped and once I broke into I realized why.
It contained Starting Lineup figure from 1990 still in the box.  I actually have this one on display, and the two cards are in my Sandberg binder, but it's always nice to have one to tuck away!  If you look above Ryno's head you may notice some 25-year-old dust.  Very nice!

The other item is really cool and I'd love to know more about it.
I'm assuming JBF picked this one up at a flea market or it came as part of a collection that he picked up. I guess there's an outside chance there's a "Richard" in the JBF family tree and Stan Hack hung out with his dad.

This I know for sure, Stan Hack passed away back in 1979 and this item is in wonderful condition considering it is at least 35-years-old.   For those of you not in the know, Stand Hack was a four time All-Star with the Cubs back in the 30s and 40s, and he was a career 0.301 hitter over sixteen big league seasons.

Here's another picture of it.  Could it be a placemat for a restaurant?
Google is a wonderful thing.  Stand Hack ran a restaurant named "Landmark" in Grand Detour, IL, until his death, which is about 95 miles north of my humble abode. I may have to take a road trip this summer to visit Grand Detour and see what remains of Hack's restaurant.

This is quite a find by JBF and I'm glad he could part with it!  Thanks, Wes!


  1. Nice pickups, Richard.

    JBF is the man, blog or not.

  2. The legend of Wes grows! That's a sweet Stan Hack autograph. (Still one of the best baseball names ever, for my money.)

  3. He just got me again recently with a bunch of stuff. He is a madman!