Thursday, January 1, 2015

A New Year Means New Expectations!

Honestly, I'm tired of waiting 'til next year.  I don't know that this year will lead to a different outcome than the hundred-plus seasons that came before it, but there's reason for hope!  Theo and company have started to spend money and the roster is starting to look pretty promising.
Jon Lester doesn't have an official airbrushed card from Topps yet, but I saw this come through Twitter the other day and I believe it's one of Topps Bunt's digital cards.

Jed Hoyer, Jon Lester, Joe Maddon, and Theo Epstein helping out with the bleacher construction.

Perhaps Joe Maddon can get the young talent can jell with Lester, Miguel Montero, and Jason Motte?  I'm not predicting a championship or anything, but I think the Cubs five year streak of finishing in 5th place is in serious jeopardy!

Happy New Year and Go Cubs, Go!


  1. I'm looking forward to watching the Cubs and all the young players. The expectations are starting to grow which is exciting. Looking forward to going to PNC and watching it in person.

  2. With the Pirates being cheap, Reds giving up and Brewers looking the epitome of mediocrity (on paper), the Cubs may give the Cardinals a run for their money at winning the NL Central.