Friday, October 31, 2014

Look What the Lost Collector Has Found!

I received a plain white envelope at the tail end of last week.  PWE surprises at the end of a long work week are the best kind of surprises.
That is one sweet Pacific card. That background is super!  I think AJ forgot to mention "holographic goodness" in his note.  Don't worry, AJ. I got it!  CHECK!

AJ, from The Lost Collector, seems to be pretty good at finding cardboard for others.  Thanks, AJ!  I'll see if I can't return the favor before too long!

Happy Halloween, everyone!


  1. "Seems to be pretty good at finding cardboard for others" So does that mean that he's lost because he can't find cardboard for himself? ;).

    Nice card. AJ is the man!

  2. Even though Patterson flamed out, that is an absolutely gorgeous card.

  3. Glad you liked it. It's super cool.

    Zippy, I found some things I've been meaning to send you.