Sunday, October 26, 2014

Excuse me, you'e sitting on the flat-rate mailer.

Some Wampa's can be so rude. 

After a little coaxing, I was able to remove the falt-rate mailer with my hand attached.  That was a close one!

The box was covered in Topps coins from 1990.  At first glance it looks like I'll probably have a team set.
Woo-Hoo!  Four team sets!

Here's a few more cards left over from the last post.  I forgot to remove them from the camera the first time around... that may have had something to do with the fact that I had a Wampa rampaging the room.

You'll have to wait to see the insides... hold on!

Reed Johnson is one of my favorite Cubs from the last twenty years.  I'm sorry he couldn't stay longer in Cub blue.  Matt Walbeck played in Peoria when I was a wee tike and love the guys from my childhood.

Vintage!  Glorious vintage!  I think I got Popoviched!

The infamous Ryno "3B" error card.  I remember when this one was valued at $20 back in the day!  
I've never seen the Soriano before.  I like the black and white.

Kris Bryant!  Holy Smokes!  Base and chrome!  The Wampa has sure been keeping tabs on who Chicago is all excited about!

All of the below are new to me.  The 2014 Donurss is obviously the newest release of the group and it's also another addition to the Ryno player collection.  I'll have to update that before too long.
 I heard Mark Grace just found a new job with the Diamondbacks.  Good for him.  I miss Gracie.  The card on the bottom right is pretty slick.  Again, I fall for the artsy card.  Go figure.  Shiny, artsy, vintage... I'm easy to keep to happy!

Alright, back to the insides of the Wampa's seat!

 The insides of the flat-rate box surprised the heck out of me for sure.
 But, it'll provide me with some great blog fodder down the road.  I love to pit new product against older material in my Pack Wars series.  These will work out perfectly.
Again, the Wampa is trying to confuse me.  Notice those packs from the White Sox Documentary set by Upper Deck.  Yeah, I think those will find their way north as well.   The last thing I need to do is expand my collection to another team from Chicago!

The best from JBF's Wampa package is yet to come.  I think I can squeeze it into one post, but we'll have to see if the Wampa takes issue with that.  He looks so big in the Star Wars movies, but he's more like the size of gremlin... and a personality to match.  He's pretty ornery.   Full of mischief, that one.


Stop climbing the curtains!  . . . Sorry guys, I gotta go...


  1. And the Wampa strikes again! Sweet Bryants!

  2. So you have new Pack Wars packs eh, better get to work on my next custom pack for you.