Saturday, August 17, 2013

Stealing Home, a Trade Post

Going through my Ryne Sandberg, Kerry Wood, and Kosuke Fukudome cards during the last few months is really starting to pay off.  I was hoping a few bloggers would contact me and offer up some of their Cubs to yours truly.

Enter Oscar.  Oscar (aka Stealing Home) is the author of the blog All Trade Bait, All the Time.  He e-mailed a picture of some cards and asked if I needed any of the ones that were digitally captured.  Huh, I kind of like that technique.  Sure beats trying to figure out the make and model when you're not familiar with something.  Thanks for the idea, Oscar!

I sent some Dodger cards his way in a PWE and here's what arrived at my address a couple of days ago:
What a nice start: 2012 Gypsy Queen Ryno and a 2004 Upper Deck card of Kerry Wood.  Both new to me!  Oh, and the Kerry Wood is the 200th in my collection! Simply.  Awesome. 

Hey, we can't forget Fukudome!  
 Man, those chrome cards do not age well.  This one is severely warped.  Where's the telephone book?

How about new card of Billy Williams to add to my collection? 
 I'm not exactly sure what set this card came from, but it's a picture of Billy that I haven't seen before.  Thus, I'm a happy collector!

Shawon Dunston, he of the rocket powered arm and Energizer Bunny-esque hustle:
I have a mini player collection of Duntson (Sr. and Jr., for the record), and the '87 Donruss Opening day and '89 Bowman are both terrific additions to my collection.  I really like the maroon bordered '87 Donruss cards; the normal color (black) seemed to make the cards so dark. 

Here are the top three things that I look for when making a trade with a fellow blogger:
1. Cards agreed upon are hammered out in just a few e-mails during just a couple of days.
2. Some new-to-me Cubs are involved.
3. Cards are safely packed, yet easy to get into.

How did Oscar do?  He scored on all three items and it was done Plain White Envelope style.  Bonus Points for use of the PWE!


  1. I have some cards I'm about to send you. Do you have a loading dock that the mail truck can back up to or will they need to deliver to an airport hangar?

    1. Oh great googily moogily. My dad works at the airport. I'll see if I can get him to rope off some space. LOL

  2. Tom...the Billy Williams card is from the Hygrade set...more here...

  3. Sweet that I could help you reach that Kerry Wood milestone!
    Glad to help.

    I prefer those 87 Donruss Opening Day versions also.

    Thanks for a great write up and a great trade!