Tuesday, August 20, 2013

My Cardboard Habit Delivers!

Judson, of My Cardboard Habit, put together a 2013 Allen and Ginter's break of two boxes.  I ponied up for the Cubs and they arrived the other day.

The Casto, Rizzo, Banks, two Williams, and Fergie will all find places in my mini player collection binder.

This one will be added to the Sandberg binder:

That's a great looking shot of Sandberg.  I'm really happy to add this one to my collection.

Additionally, each participant of the break was awarded a random team, and I was handed the Angels.  I didn't mind, because I figured I be granted a card of Mike Trout, but somehow I missed out. (Hehe... that rhymed.)

Besides Trout, I'm missing Rod Carew and the Tommy Hanson SP from the team set.  Hmmm, what to do with 75% of a team set?  Any suggestions?  If nothing else materializes, at least I have a pretty cool Jim Abbott card!

Either way, I'm pretty happy with my haul and I'd like to congratulate Judson on a successful break.  Maybe someday I'll try my hand at hosting a break!


  1. If you decide to build the Angels team set, I have the Hanson SP I could send you.

  2. I was hoping for the Angels, because even though I don't say no to Mike Trout cards, the fact that Abbott AND Blyleven were in the set is too cool.