Tuesday, August 6, 2013

A Repack for What Ails Me

To be quite honest, I'm sick of all the attention ARod has been given in the last week.  When baseball news creeps into my wife's world I know that it has become BIG. That happened last night.  Can't we just move on and focus on something positive in the sport?

So how about a repack box?  I've been saving this one for a rainy day, and it may not be literally raining, but I need a distraction from the ARod Circus.

I've seen these repacks dissected in the blogosphere before and Once a Cub's Repack Sundays is my inspiration.  Here we go!
Wow!  A 1954 Topps card in pristine condition!  I don't know who Carl Sawatski is, but could this be the hit of the box right from the start?
Um, no.  It's just a 1994 Topps Archives card of the 1954 set.  Bummer.

You see, the box set me back an Alexander Hamilton ($10 if you're too lazy to find your wallet), but it boasts 2 packs and the possibility of finding a card worth $100, $500, or $1,000!  
Man, that's got Rod Beck all excited!

But that didn't happen.
As you can see, Charlie Hayes is less than amused at my lack of luck.

But, that's okay, folks.  We have something for everybody, young and old!
 How about a 21 year-old rookie who set the collecting world on its ear?  Or perhaps a '91 Pacific Senior League baseball card of the then 42 year-old Mickey Rivers?

The repack box featured cards that would make many of my favorite bloggers' jump for joy.

Mark Lemke anyone?  This one's worth a read.  Classic dayf.

Perhaps a new one for Tino Tuesday?

How about a super glossy Tiffany card of a soon to be Cub, Davey Lopes?

Rumor has it that PWE bombs will be striking my mailbox sometime in the near future.  Future me will be ready to retaliate!

Well, La-Di-Da. Isn't that special? 
Well, Bill Selby.  Yes, I do think it's pretty special.

Not so much that I'll be hounded by autograph hounds though.
Moving on...
How about those two packs?  2009 Upper Deck Series 1.
 Two of the game's best right there.  No complaints.

The 2011 Allen and Ginter's pack? 
Joey Bats?  Cool.   Jayson Werth grew up just down I-55 from me.  Huh, who would have thought baseball cards could teach you something?

Something else that I've learned?  Hmmm...  take care of your cards or they wind up in repack boxes!
 I'm pretty sure that card is not 2.5" by 3.5", but maybe that's just the Geometry teacher in me.

 I'm also fairly certain that Scott Bailes, a relief pitcher, isn't fooling anybody in this shot.
 Sneakers?  Empty stands?  No ball in the glove?  Seriously, Scott?  You couldn't find a ball?

Here's a couple, but they seem to be on fire.  Pretty cool if you ask me.

Those cards look pretty modern in appearance, but here's the youngest cards from the box.

Yep,  1998.   They're FIFTEEN years old!  No biggie.  I'm happy to have them, especially the Big Unit.  You have 31 seconds?  Go ahead, click the link.  Definitely chuckle-worthy.

Question:  Something else most can laugh at?  
 Answer: One of the main focuses of this blog... The Chicago Cubs.  They've had another rough year.

Hey, cards of Hall-of-Famers are never bad and I love me some Turk Wendell!  Oh Turk, what have you done?

Did you see the '88 UK Mini of Ryno above?  Oh, the minis were heavily represented in this repack.

Plus some other oddballs.  And I'm not just talking about the cardboard here.  Yes, Jose, I'm referring  to you.
Ahhhh!  A Jose Canseco repack hot box!  Run for the hills!

Wait...  "Will the Thrill" demanded a recount!
Holy dubious duplication, Batman!

How about a couple more that have been enshrined in Cooperstown?

Nope.  Sorry, Wayne.  I think you just missed the cut.
But, you are the oldest piece of cardboard in the entire box!

Well, that's it.  200 cards or repack goodness summed up in one nice and tidy blog post.
Ten Dollars well spent in my opinion.  The box kept me entertained for a couple of hours, helped me forget about some stupid Yankee, provided me with a little trade fodder, and hopefully provided for some enjoyable reading.