Sunday, December 13, 2015

The Lost Collector Has Found My Mailbox

AJ, a Yankee fan, is a solid dude and fun trade partner. He calls himself The Lost Collector, but he's been around the cardboard blogosphere for some time now and I think he's found his way quite nicely.

Exhibit A:  He knows that I like the Cubs!
Randy Myers once saved 51 games in a season for the Cubs, which is a Cubs record.  Damian Miller, for whatever reason, reminds of me David Ross.  This, my friends, is a good thing.  I like David Ross. 

I'd like to put both of these cards into my Cubs FrankenSet, but after looking at the numbers on the back the outlook is bleak.

Myers' slot is filled by a 1972 Topps card of Glenn Beckert. Sorry, Randy . . . there's no way you're replacing a vintage Beckert.  Damian was quickly DQ'd because my FrankenSet stops at 671.  Bummer.

 Slammin' Sammy!  If you notice the the chrome stock like bowing in the card at the right, then bonus points for you.
I'm not sure what this card is, but it certainly is different.  The inside has the back of the Sammy card and picture of a home Cubs jersey, much like the one below.
Here's the back of the card.  It is similar to cabinet cards, but this one is taped together.  I think I'll put in the front page of one of my Cubs binders.  Neat find, AJ!

 You can never go wrong with Kerry Wood cards.  Especially ones that fill holes in my player collection!
 The above cad is from the 1998 Pacific Online set.  I now have all the Kerry Wood cards from the set.  I know, because I cross-referenced the checklist!  This one is #423 in my player collection.

Thanks for thinking of me, AJ!  I'll be sure to send some cards out to you soon!


  1. Wow, I've never seen that fold out Sammy or that Pacific Woody. Nice!

  2. The Kerry Wood Pacific Online is actually the gold parallel! They were one per pack, but pretty rare given the massive checklist.

    1. Thanks! I had no idea. My Kerry Wood Checklist has been updated!

  3. Love Rossy. Y'all have 2 of my favorite former Braves now.

  4. Dennis from "Too Many Manninghams" just posted a Griffey Pacific online as well. Such weird cards. I love them.