Sunday, March 2, 2014

A PWE from the Serial Insanity Collector

A good while back I sent Robert, author of the fun $30 a Week Habit blog, some cards for his Serial Insanity set.  I don't remember which cards I sent exactly or how many, but it must have been something nice, because I received the following in the mail this week:

 2014 Topps Inserts!  The Maddux is new to me and I'm pretty happy to have it, although I'm not his biggest fan.  I really do like the look of the "Upper Class" inserts.  Topps did a nice job there.

The Ernie Banks is a duplicate, even though Topps Series 1 came out less than a month ago.  Hehe, I don't waste any time when new product is out!  No problem though, because I've been patiently waiting to snag a second copy so that I can encase one in epoxy resin as a homemade coaster.  I had an order of four coasters placed last fall which I'm still trying to fill, and now I only need one more mini and I'll be ready to get started.

Thanks for the cards, Robert!  Good luck on your Serial Insanity set this year!

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