Saturday, January 26, 2019

BIG Hall of Fame Binder Addition

Mark, my first cousin once removed, has been mentioned on the blog a few times within the last two years. We met at a relative's art show in Wisconsin a couple of summers ago. At that time Mark gifted me a couple boxes of baseball goodness, which included lots of brilliant cardboard, a bat, and a book on Sadaharu Oh. Last year he sent me a really sweet program from the Library of Congress' baseball exhibit from Washington D.C. 

Today, well, he sent me a simple plain white envelope (PWE). Here's a picture of the note.

There's a couple of things to make mention of here. One, I love the ☮💓⚾ at the closing. Second, here's the link to the post about Roberto, who is one of my school's wonderful custodians. Third, Mark is a retired high school math teacher and I love the 10^99 reference at the end. One more... how about the blue tape!  Woo-Hoo!

Lastly, I will not be upgrading. Legit vintage from a relative? It doesn't get any better than that for this collector.

It was only a couple of posts ago I made this statement on my first Hall of Fame Binder post:

Huh, if that's not some unintended foreshadowing.

Are you sitting down?

Yeah, you better sit down.

I'm sure glad I was when I opened up this PWE!

A genuine 1964 Topps card of Muscles . . . The Commerce Comet . . . The Mick . . . Mickey Mantle!


This one is going to sit on my desk for a little while before it gets safely tucked into my HOF Binder. So cool. I can't stop looking at it!

Thank you, Mark, for such a terrific surprise!


  1. You know, you could always upgrade and shoot my way...

    Kidding! What an awesome gesture! Can’t imsgine opening up a PWE and a Mantle falls out!

  2. That card is my white whale for my '64 build. My goal is to have it by the end of 2020. So I am a bit jealous.

  3. That's an awesome surprise. Enjoy the card, it's pretty incredible.

  4. What a nice surprise! Do you know by chance if Mark is interested in acquiring another cousin? :)

  5. Sweet! Super jealous. Been collecting for almost 4 decades and I still haven't added a regular (non-subset) Topps base card of Mantle from his playing years.

  6. That's awesome. Congrats on the addition!

  7. It's an incredible feeling adding a Mantle to your collection. Congratulations!

  8. History and awesomeness in any condition!