Saturday, January 19, 2019

Christmas in January

Peoria did not experience a white Christmas this year. We had two decent snows in November and one of those was fierce enough to force a "snow day" for all the local schools.

December? Nothing.

January? Ten inches fell last Saturday and another four this morning. And then I received this nice little package referencing Christmas in the mail.
So, I guess this is my white Christmas. πŸ˜‚

I don't remember the last time Daniel and I put together a formal trade. I'll collect some Diamondbacks through random retail packs and dime boxes at card shows. Once I have enough to fill a bubble mailer, then off they go to It's like having my own Card Shop. Sometimes I'll check to see if the address is the same and other times I just cross my fingers as drop of the package at the post office.

I have this type of relationship with a dozen or so bloggers and I really enjoy the randomness of it all. Surprise cardboard can be the best type of cardboard!
 Wait, that's not cardboard. It's plastic! I have about a half-dozen graded cards in my collection and today that number gets a 50% bump!
First, this is very nice design and I enjoy Sammy showing off his sliding technique. Second, did you see the bat relic encased in plastic? That's different. Lastly,  the grade is "10 Mint or Better." Isn't 10 the highest grade? What does the grading company mean by "or Better?"

Alright, enough stalling. Here's the card Daniel was alluding to in his note.
This is a 1996 Best autograph card of one of the six players, in my collection, who I have deemed checklist worthy. Brooks Kieschnick! And yes, Daniel, this card was new to my Kieschnick player collection. Many thanks!

Wow, that package packed quite a punch! I'll be on the lookout for Diamondback cards for you!


  1. I have one of those weird Sosa graded/relic cards too (different card though), the only problem is... nobody seems to want it!

  2. Interesting item with the relic in the case. Guessing it was still pretty rare to have a piece of memorabilia when this came out?

  3. Very cool stuff. I'm starting to become a big fan of graded cards. One of my interests is finding off brands like USA grading. It looks like they kept things legit with their grading. A lot of those no-name brands often only gave out "10" gem mint grades.

  4. better than mint? intriguing! i'm not into slabs but these would be nearly impossible to turn down!