Wednesday, January 23, 2019

HOF Binder, Page 2

Last Wednesday I kicked off my new series focusing on my Hall of Fame Binder. You can see the details about the layout of the pages and card choosing qualifiers by clicking here.

This week we'll take a look the rest of the class from 1937 and the others on Page 2.

1980 TCMA - Baseball Immortals, #12 -- George Wright
I have a near set of Baseball Immortals. Once upon a time, I may have had a complete set, but the you'd have to ask the younger version of my cardboard collecting self.

1985 Topps - Woolworths, #44 -- Cy Young
This Woolsworth card is another one from my childhood collection. It'll take something fancy to bump this card from the binder.

1993 Conlon (color), #582 -- Grover Alexander
I don't know how rare these color versions of the Conlon cards are, but I couldn't be more pleased having this card in my binder. 

2009 Tri Star Obak, #74 -- Alexander Cartwright
I thought about only choosing players for my project, but instead I cherry-picked some of the more notable (in my eyes) pioneers of baseball as well. Back in 2011 I visited Cartwright's grave site in Hawaii and left a baseball with a message about the Cubs next to his marker. Five years later they won the World Series! Coincidence?  (Probably so. lol)

2012 Panini Cooperstown - Bronze History, #15 -- Henry Chadwick
A plaque card of a Hall of Fame inductee is nice concept for an insert set. I'm not sure why they are serial numbered though (lower right corner). Chadwick gets my nod for entry into the binder as a pioneer due to his contribution of the box score. One of the big reasons I'm such a fan of the sport is the statistical side of the game. You have to figure box scores were some of the earliest records of statistics keeping.

2012 Panini Cooperstown - Bronze History, #12 -- Cap Anson
Cap Anson is known as a Cub, which typically means I'll fully embrace him. Yet, due to his role in erecting the color barrier in baseball that is not the case with Anson. I would like to find a different card of his so that I don't have two inserts from the same set sharing a page. I'll track one down eventually. 

1992 Conlon, #582 -- Eddie Collins
Another Conlon card to fill a spot, which I don't mind terribly, because the other one on the page is the color version. Although, I am curious to know the color scheme of that uniform top and hat. Black with white pinstripes? Maybe navy blue? Collins hasn't been entirely forgotten by the card producing world. Perhaps, because he isn't the biggest name, I'll be upgrade to an actual vintage card of his.

That's it for the latest installment. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Based on the illustration in Dressed To The Nines dark blue appears to be correct.

  2. 2009 Obak is such a great product. Checklist was loaded. Pretty sure that's my only Cartwright card in the collection.

    1. Actually, the 2009 Obak set is what brought me back to collecting... it prospects, Hall of Famers, and lots of baseball history in it. Good stuff all the way around.

  3. I've never seen a color Conlon before - very cool!

  4. That's an excellent page! I'm not sure I own a Henry Chadwick card -- I'm thinking he showed up in one of those Obak sets but I'd have to go back and check.