Sunday, August 3, 2014

More Set Help from Nolan's Dugout

I'm just checking in today to show off some set help from Nolan's Dugout.  Supposedly I sent Kyle some cards back in May, which I don't remember, and he sent me bubble mailer to even the score.


You know what I think?  I think Kyle is making this up and he's just looking to get rid of some junk wax, but who am I to refuse a package of baseball cards?

On to the cards!

An insert of Mike Hampton, which is my last last Award Winner insert. Oh, and the guy who invented the ESPYs.  Or maybe not.
 Wait, didn't Mike Hampton turn in some horrible years in Colorado?  What award could he have won?
 Seven homers for a pitcher.  Wowzers!  Yeah, I didn't think it was the 5.41 ERA or the 1.581 WHIP.

Next up we have set help in the form of '91 Donruss.  Hey, look everyone!  The Bash Brothers!

The last three cards for my '88 Donruss set!  Woo-Hoo!

Some more elusive 2002 Topps Total.  Still a long way to go on this one.

This was a nice package with some thoughtful set help.  I think Tom Gordon in the above card thinks so, too.  Thanks again, Kyle!

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