Tuesday, August 19, 2014

I Love Shiny Prospects!

It's no secret that the Cubs minor league system is stacked right now with shiny prospecty goodness. So I decided to participate in a box break of shiny 2014 Bowman Platinumon eBay a couple of weeks ago.

With eight Cubs on the checklist I figured I was bound to grab more than a handful from a box, which has twenty packs of five cards within its configuration.

I've learned my lesson from past box breaks and I now only bid on ones that have a live break.  I watched eagerly and was quickly disappointed.  Three cards.  Bummer.  Not a good return on my investment.  I was okay with it, because we all know box breaks are a gamble.

Shortly afterwards an e-mail arrived with another link to a second video.  The seller didn't feel that the two highest bidding participants (myself and the White Sox winner) received good value so a second box would be broken.
Oooooooh!  Die Cuts!

I couldn't believe my eyes when I read the e-mail.  The seller didn't owe me anything but the three cards of Albert Almora (X-fractor), Dan Vogelbach, and C.J. Edwards from the first box.  Yet, I would receive every Cub from a second box because he wanted me to be happy.
A die cut and an X-fractor!

The second box was loaded with Cubs (8 cards) and two Jose Abreu cards for the White Sox winner.  Man, all I can say is the seller is certainly building up a nice stash of good karma!

Die Cuts and X-fractors aside, my favorite two cards are of Kris Bryant and Dan Vogelbach.  I believe this is only my second mainstream card of Bryant. And who doesn't love cardboard featuring the Vogelmonster?

This team set could only get sweeter if it had a ROCK SHOULDERS card.

In summary, I paid the price of about six packs of '14 Platinum for the eleven cards in the break, which includes the ten cards above and a duplicate of Edwards.  I doubt six packs would have given me such Cubbie goodness, plus I don't have unwanted cardboard laying around of random prospects from the Marlins and Rays, which I would never be able to trade away. 

I don't know how you guys feel about breaks on Ebay, but I'm feeling pretty fortunate and happy after this experience.


  1. Nice haul. Definitely some good looking, shiny cards!

  2. That was a nice move by that breaker to give you a second box break.

  3. That's was out of the norm, but a very cool move by the breaker.