Friday, August 2, 2019

From One Collector to Another

I recently offered up bulk amounts of junk wax to anyone willing to send me some Cubs cards in return. One such blogger who too me up on my offer was Chris, the author of The Collector.
It makes me happy when a blogger takes the time to write a little note. What a nice personal touch in an era where it seems to be a fading and lost art.

Let's see what Chris' package had to offer. I haven't bought much product, Cubs or otherwise, during the last two years so the odds are good that I'll need the card if it's from a recent release.
 2018 Topps Big League. I have this card, but is currently sitting in my master set of the product. Woo-Hoo!  One for the binders!

 Now we have 2019 Topps Big League:
I'm not quite sure what to make of Ian Happ yet. I know he's genuinely a good human being and easy to root for, but at some point what you do on the field has to matter too.

Donruss help. The wavy lines in the lower third of the card make the design for me. I can dig it.
 Bote has been mired in a slump as of late and Darvish has been riding a hit streak. Baseball is a streaky game for sure.
 I'm not usually a fan of Gypsy Queen's design, but I'll take it over 2019 Donruss. The jagged corners of all the shapes does nothing for me.

Horizontals!  Some are from Topps' flagship and some come from Opening Day.
 I'm collecting those Wrigley Field cards, because I have many a binder which could use a card like that!
More 2019 Topps, all of which are needed. This has been a great package!

And look, set help for my junk wax sets. Perfect!
Thanks for the sweet return package, Chris! I hope you get plenty of use out of the cards I sent your way.

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. I can knock out a few more of those Studio ‘91 needs. Email to follow.

  2. I'm thrilled that you needed so many of these singles, I always assume that most team collectors will have the basic stuff (Topps, OD, BL) covered. And I did get a lot of use out of the '94 Fleer cards. That was a set I collected at the time but nearly forgot about in the 25 years since. It was fun to look through them all and refresh my memory.

    "It makes me happy when a blogger takes the time to write a little note." Now I wish I'd said something a little more significant :)

    Ian Happ shares my birthday (and he was born on the day of the strike) so I'm pulling for him to straighten out and be an everyday big-leaguer again.

  3. 2018 Big League was a great looking product. The Ballpark Landmarks subset is awesome! I love it almost as much as this year's flagship team cards.