Sunday, August 11, 2019

My Favorite Trade Package of 2019

This one makes the grade in every respect and it lands at the top of the list for the trade packages I received so for in 2019.

Depending how much you visit this site, you may or may not have picked up on the fact that I love when other bloggers take the time to write a hand-written note. Notes always earn chaps my blogging brethren extra points with me.
Cursive? Old-time language? Simply wonderful! If you're not familiar with Gavin, then here's the scouting report on him: "Superior trading partner within our cardboard community whose attention to detail and creativity is second to none."  Plus, he uses blue tape with pull tabs! (Pull tabs were on the other side. You'll have to trust me!)
Gavin, for what it's worth, the packaging on your return package was top notch. You even used non-marred top loaders. Pshaw!  Easily an A grade here.

 Let's start with the new cards to my player collections:
 I had no idea there are over-sized proofs out there. Now I have two of Kerry Wood. The picture below shows it to be just slightly larger than the Ryne Sandberg Topps Tribute gold(?) parallel, which also fits into one of my player collections.

 Here's another Kid K card and he's matched up with one of my favorite Astros of all-time in Lance Berkman.

Stadium Club is such a treat. And hey, a refractor of Cubs pitching prospect. I'll take those all day.

Here's an autograph from Bowman Platinum of a pitching prospect, Trevor Clifton, who seems to have taken a step back in AAA this year. Regardless, it's till a pretty sweet card!

Moving right along... here's where the package shifts into overdrive.
 The Elite Series from Donruss is one of my favorites from my youth. Vogelbach is pictured above in his high school uniform from Bishop Verot.
 Again, look at the attention to detail on the back of this custom. Holy cow!

I busted a couple boxes of Swell a few years back and walked away with a complete set from each box. That's the way it should be done if you ask me.
 That's a great city skyline in back of a hitter who has no problems swatting baseballs over tall buildings. Gavin, a Vogelmonster fan, knows what I'm talking about. Light tower power! #foreshadowing
 His nickname is "The Vogelmonster"  I love. Absolutely love it!

What's great about these photos on Gavin's customs is that they are all ones I have never seen before. And, I've scrolled through a bunch of Vogelbach pictures during my free time.
 Here's the back of the 1992 Stadium Club Cards.  Yes, cards... as in plural.

Here's the variation card. Gorgeous baseball sky and a shot of Vogelbach obviously contemplating whether or not it's good for the environment when he obliterates unsuspecting baseballs with his bat.

All of the customs were a complete surprise. Gavin shot me an email midway through our trade saying he spent a good chunk of time work on the cards and they would soon be on their way. Well, the original deal we struck was for copies of the Hall of Famers I needed for my HOF Binder. I didn't want Gavin spending too much time/effort and I was hoping he would just run off copies from his Neglected HOFers custom set. I didn't think much about the time he was spending when I read the email.
It never struck me he was making customs of the Vogelmonster for me! Blogger rule.

Here's a quick taste of the Conlon customs Gavin has put together to help fill the holes in my HOF Binder. Hilton Smith was featured just a couple of weeks ago on my blog... I needed a card... and now I have one!

 Here's the HOFers which I get to add to my binder.  Fun-fun!  I can't wait to page these cards up!

Oh, one more picture. Here's the back of the note Gavin sent.
I told you notes are awesome. This one is of Vogelbach showing off his light tower power by jacking a ball over the Seattle Space Needle. My writing may not show it, but I'm smiling ear-to-ear.

Gavin, thank you for your time and thoughtfulness with this trade package. You went way over the top and I tip my cap to you, good sir. Your contributions to my "based ball" card collection will not soon be forgotten! Thanks again!


  1. Awesome! So nice to see those Negro League legends get some love, especially from a man who does customs so well.

  2. Glad you like! I know the big guy is with Seattle now, but figured you could use some new Cubs cards of him for a change. They were fun to whip up, as were the Neglected HOFers.. always interesting learning about these old-time greats you don't hear about very often.

  3. Wow, what a tremendously fun bunch of cards and brilliant customs. Very cool.

  4. Those Vogelbach customs are flippin' awesome! Gavin is da man when it comes to custom cards.

  5. Whoa- those Vogey customs are the (Vogey)bomb!