Saturday, August 24, 2019

Going to the Cardboard Clubhouse to Flip Some Junk Wax

I need to learn that I shouldn't make trades near the end of my summer vacation. Trade packages come in and pile up in a hurry when school starts. If you've sent me something recently I thank you ahead of time for your patience. A thank you "show-and-tell" blog post is on the horizon . . . I promise!

It's difficult to read the date on the PWE, but I think this one from Adam, of Cardboard Clubhouse fame, came during the first week of August.
Apparently, earlier this summer I packaged up some '87 Donruss junk wax and some other Reds card for him. That kind of sounds like something I would do!

Adam was kind enough to send me some Cubs. Always appreciated!

 Adam also included some Hall of Fame cardboard for my HOF Binder project.
At this point I've filled nearly all of the holes in my binder and I'm looking to "upgrade" some of my cards. Condition isn't my main concern in this case, as I would like to add variety and a certain level of uniqueness to the pages. For you see, cardboard from the Conlon Collection dominates some pages.
I can't picture the Schmidt card in my binder, but I know I have an early Rollie without a mustache. I love the Padres uniform here, but if I'm ditching the early Rollie I'll need that handlebar flavor savor!

Thanks for the trade, Adam! I'll take a look at my Cy Young, Appling, and Roush cards and any with any luck one of your offerings will find it's way into the HOF Binder. I really appreciate you contributing to my project!


  1. You're welcome! Glad some of them were useful!

  2. The 81T Schmidt is a cool card. The Coca-Cola version is a tad bit cooler.