Saturday, May 30, 2015

ZZ Pack Wars Vol. 2: Star Wars vs. '92 Stadium Club Members Only Cello Pack

 Zippy Zappy really unloaded on me in that last package.  I still have enough material for two more posts after this Pack War between a 1992 Topps Stadium Club Members Only cello pack and his Star Wars jumbo re-pack.  I picked the cello pack out of a 6 for $5 bin at a card show earlier this year. Knowing that I hit at least one Cub when making the purchase was a definite bonus.

I'm feeling a little squirrely this morning so I'm going with a different scoring system.  Hold on to your hats!

Round 1:
+10 Members Only: Cubs jackets are uber-cool
+10 Zippy Zappy: Bowman Chrome Cubs prospect (+10), in photo-shopped uniform (-5), with last name made for beat writers to have fun with in future sports columns (+5)
+10 Members Only: Hall of Famer! (+20), but it's a Cardinal (-10)
+20 Zippy Zappy: Psychedelic vintage (+15) with palm trees in the back ground (+5)
+25 Members Only: Hall of Famer (+20) capturing one of the most beautiful swings in the history of the game (+5)
+20 Zippy Zappy: Cubs first legitimate pitching prospect under the Theo regime (+15) who was just promoted to AAA (+5)

+5 Members Only: Kevin Gross? Meh.  Mustaches are glorious. (+5)
+5 Zippy Zappy:  Mini! (+10)  Marco is not longer a Cub. (-5)

+5 Members Only: I'm not a big fan of still shots, but this card is beautiful.
-50 Zippy Zappy: Justin Bieber? Wow, ZZ takes a big hit with this one.  NOT A FAN OF THE BIEBS.

+30 Members Only: Hall of Famer (+20) with switching hitting double action shot (+10)
+67 Zippy Zappy: Bushy eyebrows x1 (+7), mustaches x4 (+5) on vintage x4! (+10)

+27 Members Only: Great action shot of a Hall of Fame (+20) pitcher mid wind-up (+7). Mustache (+5).  Why does baseball not have more teams with green in their uniform? (-5)
+43 Zippy Zappy: New Ryno for collection (+25), hall of famer (+20), Starlin +3, unlicensed product (-5)

+15 Members Only: Crime Dog and Sheff sharing a card in Padres garb?  Yes, please!
+14 Zippy Zappy: Rizzo (+4) and my first Fowler in a Cubs uniform (+10)

+35 Members Only: Member of the Hall (+20), celebration shot before they were popular on cardboard (+5), scoreboard with information information in background (+5), scoreboard mustache (+5)
+20 Zippy Zappy: Blue parallel (+10), orange parallel (+15), no longer a Cub (-5)

+25 Members Only: Beautiful George Brett Card, celebrating (+5), Hall of Fame (+20)
+20 Zippy Zappy: Gioskar Amaya is being converted to catcher and one of my favorites when I visited Kane County x2 (+10).  Possible new PC?

+3 Members Only: Cool rainbows on the sleeves.
+20 Zippy Zappy: Mendy!  He's one of my faves x2 (+10)!  Free Mendy from AAA!

 -10 Members Only: Mickey Morandini tried to fill Sandberg's shoes the second time Ryno retired. I never gave him a chance.
+5 Zippy Zappy: All duplicates, but all Almora.  Good prospect, but you'll find him way down my personal list.

-5 Members Only: Really poor centering vertically of the 1990 saves leader
+5 Zippy Zappy: Vintage (+10) with boring gray border (-5)

+20 Members Only: Hall of Fame player.
+15 Zippy Zappy: Desperately needed 80's team sticker!  Woot! 
+0 Members Only:  Bip! (+5)  But, there's only one. (-5)  I would have preferred a Bipping!
+50 Zippy Zappy: Purple VOGELMONSTER!  Ahhhhhhhh!

Let's tally up the scores.  Based upon match-ups, the Zippy Zappy packs went 7-6-2.  That's pretty close.

In terms of points, the Stadium Club Members Only cello pack managed 195 points before the last round and found itself only behind 19 points to the Zippy Zappy pack. So, a Hall of Famer certainly could have boosted its chances for a win, but Bip Roberts is not a member of The Hall.

VOGELMONSTER came up clutch and captured the win for the Zippy Zappy repack: 246 to 195. 

Thanks for the cards, Zippy Zappy!

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  1. I was originally going to send you a scantily clad Japanese woman but because the French Kevin sent me that Biebs I decided to send that instead. Don't worry, I have a plan to get back at him ;).