Sunday, May 24, 2015

How Many Dodger Bloggers Are There?

There is definitely an imbalance amongst teams represented within the blogosphere and if I had to take a guess I would say the Dodger blogger are tipping the scales. In fact, two of my last three trade posts have me sending out players from Tinsel Town for Cubs.  Seriously, I can think of at least a handful:
Nomo's Sushi Platter
garvey cey russell lopes
Night Owl Cards
Dodgers Blue Heaven

Oscar, from All Trade Bait, All The Time, would be the fifth.   He sent out a batch of PWEs the other day and one of them found their way to my mailbox.  Let's dive in!

Cards for my player collection seemed to be the theme early on.
First up is Kosuke Fukudome:
 Then a couple of Rynos . . .
 Which were followed by a pair of Kerry Wood cards.
 Now, that's a great start!

I have a couple of Cubs binders and all of the team's Hall of Fame members are represented.
 The Ron Santo and the mini Andre Dawson are both new to my binders.  Nice!

The Dunston was a need as well.  I don't have a collection of Soriano, but I figure I have to have at least 150 different cards of Sori in my Cubs box.
Soriano seemed to have a card in every set from 2008 to 2013.   Some players just seem to be in every set.

Here's a guy who is always well represented in today's product, and deservedly so.
If you haven't done so, go vote for Anthony Rizzo for the All-Star game in Cincinnati.  Take a look at his slash line and I think those numbers may persuade you!

Oscar, thanks for the cards!  I sent a PWE your way which should be arriving in a day or two.


  1. The correct answer is, of course, too many.

  2. If/when I pull the Jose De Leon super auto I'll convert into a Dodgers prospect collector as well.

  3. I got the PWE. Thanks for some great cards!
    Post on that coming up soon.

  4. Love that Daswon pic, such a great smile. Can you give me the specs on that card, so I can find one?

  5. Where's autocorrect when you need it. Dawson... geesh. I was too excited to proof.

  6. My brother is too kind, this Dawson is now in my collection. So happy! Thanks Tom!