Tuesday, May 12, 2015

I'm Done.

No more Cubs games for me in 2015.  I went to Kris Bryant's MLB debut back in April a Wrigley Field and more recently I witnessed the Cubs lose two at Miller Park in Milwaukee.

In total, the Cubs are 0 and 3 when I'm in attendance.  Otherwise, as of this writing, they are one game over 0.500 and in 2nd place in the NL Central.  (No thanks to me.)

My trip wasn't all sour grapes though.  Miller Park has the best smelling exterior of any baseball stadium that I'm aware of.  Those Milwaukee fans sure do know how to tailgate!

There were plenty of photo opportunities to take advantage of on the inside of Miller Park.
Me and the Bernie the Brewer statue.

 Me and the racing sausages!

Here's a shot of me and the Bob Uecker statue!

Yes, I did partake in the food and I highly recommend the bratwurst, but I hear the chorizo is pretty good, too.  In fact, I was able to meet Mr. Chorizo! 
My travel companion was my sister, Jane, and we had a pretty good time all-in-all.  Thanks for taking the picture, Jane!

Brewery Selfie!
Before Saturday's 12-4 embarrassment at the hands of the Brew Crew we went on a tour of the Sprecher Brewery and I did two quick laps at what was probably the worst card show I've ever attended.  Can you call it a card show if there are only four dealers, no dime box in sight, and not one pack of new product for sale?

 I think my sister and I were both mystified Saturday night when a fight broke out in the section over from us, and then how the same section had a marriage proposal two innings later.  You never know what you'll see at the ole ballpark! (Except me.  You won't see me at a Cubs game again this year.)


  1. So you will turn down free tickets if they are offered?

    1. Yeah, I think I would. Especially if they're at Wrigley. After experiencing (again) how easy it was to get in and out of Milwaukee before and after a game I have no desire to go to Wrigley again in 2015. Although, the playoffs might change my mind!

    2. Chances probably aren't good for tix, but we could always try our luck in St. Louis. Hmmmm... what else is in road trip distance?

  2. That's so cool. I wanna take pics with the racing sausages too!

  3. You need to come to Pittsburgh and get your picture taken with the giant pierogies. Plus it would be nice for the Cubs to lose in Pittsburgh :)

  4. I will now buy you Cubs seasons tickets.

  5. Mr. Chorizo needs some a bit of sun on his legs! Looks like a great time had! Thanks for doing your part to keep the Cubbies a .500 team.

  6. If that one episode of Arthur has taught me anything, it's that even if your favorite team loses whenever you go, the fact that you went (and more importantly actually bought things at the stadium and was subjected to advertising at the stadium) is more important.

  7. Love the photo of you and Uecker. He's still one of my favorites. Mom